Una forma de graduarse

Muchos ya lo sabéis, pero el pasado lunes 17, después de un año estudiando un MBA, conseguí graduarme, y para sorpresa de todos, como estudiante del año. Esto es algo así como el tipo social que juntaba al grupo, organizaba las fiestas y barbacoas, etc. Vamos, que no es que haya tenido las mejores notas del grupo (esto nadie se lo esperaba), sino que he sido el tipo social de la clase (the pirate, tal y como me presenté).

Como estudiante del año, tuve que dar un pequeño discurso, que asocié a los piratas y a lo que podemos aprender en el mundo de los negocios sobre ellos. Pero también aproveché para dar una pequeña sorpresa a Laura. Aquí tenéis un video del momento:


Para el que quiera saber de qué iba el discurso completo, aquí os dejo una transcripción.

The pirate life

What a year. How everything can change from september to september. And here we are, breathing at last and trying to decide what to do with our lives.

We have passed together through many things. From going to war because of coffee, to travel all around the world just by going to the room next door. Endless parties and barbecues, and also endless nights finishing papers (or not).  We had shown Nyenrode that we are special, that we go our own way, and that we are proud of it. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to my classmates, my professors and the school.

I am not standing here because of my good grades, that is clear. But because of who I am, because of being a pirate, and as it happens, business and the world can learn a lot from them.

Pirates never settled. They didn’t agree with the rules, and they broke them. They took the initiative and fought for what they though correct. Standing up against the order, shaking society.

Pirates had honour. Their own code, and were loyal. Their ship was their temple, and fighting together with their comrades was the best fate. Dubious ethics maybe, but they were consistent with their code.

Pirates were free. They sailed and sailed. Their lives might not be as comfortable as the nobles in their palaces, but every morning they saluted the sun from the place they wanted. And their freedom gave them their power.

And finally, They made things happen. While the empires were buried in bureaucracy, they just DID things. To the point that kings had to hire them as corsairs as only way to accomplish missions.

Now, our MBA is over and we will depart to different destinations, some even with serious jobs. The only real thing I can share, is the pirate life, and I hope, in years, when you look back, a little bit of me, stayed in all of you as well as a little bit of every one of you, will stay  on me. I just hope you will enjoy your lives, as I will do with mine.

The business world needs more pirates. Needs more game changers.
People willing to break the rules to change the world
People who can be truly themselves, even if that means being both loved and hated
People who can innovate despite the walls and negatives
who can fall and rise again and again
People who don’t take themselves too serious
People, in general, who can ask themselves questions everyday like

What is important in life?…
What is that, that changes you so much…
but without changing you at all…?
Do you wake up everyday, feeling that you are doing the right thing?…
Because what is life but sharing?…
And who to share it with? …
Because that is what makes us better.

So please, excuse me for just a moment.

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